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Beer, Wine & Liquor - FAQ

The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Please click on the question to find the answer.
Address any questions not covered here to:

1. What types of licences do we collect for?
2.  How do you obtain an application for a licence?
3. How much are beer and wine permits?
4. What are the charges for the various liquor licences?
Q: What types of licences do we collect for?

Answer # 1: What types of licences do we collect for?

Beer/Wine Permit -- for the sale and/or consumption of beer and wine only, i.e. Stop & Go's, grocery stores, some restaurants.

Mixed Beverage Permit -- allows the holder to sell and serve mixed drinks for consumption on the licensed premise, i.e., bars, hotels, some restaurants and ice houses that sell liquor only.

Mixed Beverage Late Hours Permit -- for those Mixed Beverage Permit holders that sell alcoholic beverages until 2:00 a.m.

Caterer's Permit -- authorizes the permit holder to sell mixed beverages and/or beer on a temporary basis at a place other than the premise.

Beverage Cartage Permit -- Allows the holder of a mixed beverage permit to transfer alcoholic beverages from the place of purchase to the licensed premise, i.e.,beer delivery companies, liquor delivery companies.
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